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Gepost op: 14 June 2016

Timothy Moore on Fitness, Freedom and Brompton

Growing up in Baltimore, Timothy Moore used to salvage cruiser frames to build flashy bikes with his friends. So while he now rides a Brompton, Timothy has a history of people taking photos and asking questions about his bikes.


“I get so many questions – how much does it weigh, can you take it on the train. I feel like I should have an FAQ card to hand out.”


Now a marketing professional in Jersey City specializing in UI/UX design, it was health problems that led Timothy to being a Brompton owner. Diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary embolism in 2014, he once spent nine days in the hospital hooked up to catheters removing blood clots from his lungs. His doctors told him that he was spending too much time sitting at work and that he needed to exercise.


But joining a fitness club left Timothy feeling unmotivated. So he decided to invest in a Brompton bicycle and return to riding. “The gym is boring,” Timothy says. “With riding, it’s the joy you get when you do something you always want to do. You find excuses to do it.”


While he initially struggled at times with obstacles like New York’s big East River bridges, over time he became stronger, lost weight and and was freed from frequent hospital visits. But what was equally fulfilling was discovering the community of Brompton riders in New York.

Timothy recalls someone telling him recently that, “Your bike comes with built in friends.” He did not yet realize it when he ordered his bike a year ago, but by riding a Brompton bicycle Timothy would eventually find himself engaged in a shared interest with people around the world through social media, as well as making friends locally on rides organized through groups like BromptonNYC on Meetup.com.

And with that community of Brompton riding friends, both local and visiting from out of town, Timothy is exploring the city. Together, they see interesting sights, dine at new restaurants, and participate in the Brompton Urban Challenge. As he recently captioned an Instagram photo of his bike on the Brooklyn Bridge, “The best way to see NYC is not in a little tin box.”